Through AI

We leverage data and machine learning
to uncover new sources of edge in the
financial markets

New York City

“You can’t take the same actions as everyone else and expect to outperform. The search for superior results has to lead to the unusual, perhaps the idiosyncratic.”

Howard Marks

Howard Marks

Oaktree Capital Management

Data to Signal, Signal to Edge

Identify and transform
market data

Unlock powerful insights by combining financial intuition and feature engineering

Data to Signal, Signal to Edge

Uncover actionable
market signals

Extract actionable investment signal through AI/ML technology

Convert market signals into edge

Drive investment edge through trading strategies and alternative signal

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Hear what our partners say

"I think our whole company will benefit significantly from the outputs of this model."

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Risk Director

Pension Fund Client

"I was impressed by the way the team approached the issue and kept on chipping away at it with us until a strong model was found that outperformed the index by more than 2x."

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NYC Hedge Fund Client

"The AlphaLayer team speaks the same investment management language. This allows them to hit the ground running with our teams."

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Pension Plan Firm

Examples of
our work

Factor Timing

The model that generated a new sources of timing value within long-short quant equities

Pairs Trading

Developed trading strategy leveraging ML 
with significant capital deployed against it

Credit Rating

The model that predicted 51 of 59 fallen angels in the US and signaled a recovery in US Homebuilders early in COVID

Credit Strategy

Developed long-short credit trading strategy for US hedge fund client with significant real capital outperformance

Macro Risk

The model that predicting Recession Indicators with an accuracy range of 60-66% over a 20-year period

Illiquid Risk Forecasts

Improved reliability of returns estimates for illiquid asset classes to generate more accurate risk forecasts